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actualitzat: 9/2/2022, 1:42:20 PM

TouchRetouch - Android App és la disponible a la nostra botiga. Es podria descarregar totes les versions, inclosa l'última versió - 5.0. TouchRetouch o com.advasoft.touchretouch és l'aplicació que té més instal·lacions 1.000.000+. Si vostè va a instal·lar TouchRetouch al dispositiu, ha de tenir espai disponible , també la seva necessitat de dispositius Android per tenir la versió d'Android OS 5.0 and up o superior. TouchRetouch va ser creat per l'equip desenvolupador ADVA Soft en gènere de Fotografia. Android Top està proporcionant totes les versions de TouchRetouch i es pot descarregar directament al seu telèfon o qualsevol dispositiu Android per això s'ha de desplaçar la pantalla de sota, on es podia veure molts enllaços a descàrrega de l'aplicació. Per descomptat, vostè podria utilitzar TouchRetouch en el seu PC de manera que s'ha d'utilitzar emuladors. Totes les aplicacions i jocs en el nostre lloc està destinat únicament per a ús personal. Així mateix, no us oblideu de compartir aquesta aplicació amb els seus amics, ajuda a suportar totes Comunitat d'Android i desenvolupadors crear aplicacions que surten més :), i per descomptat el joc en aplicacions o jocs és més divertit i útil amb els amics). Descarregar TouchRetouch APK 5.0 de forma gratuïta en Android - l'última versió d'Android Per ADVA Soft desenvolupador.. Can’t get the wrong people out of your vacation pictures? Have trouble with blemishes and meshes? Need to remove background objects? You can retouch all of this with our TouchRetouch photo editing tool. Editing photos used to be needlessly complex and usually involved using an expensive professional photo editor. With TouchRetouch’s exclusive photo remove object toolkit, it’s possible to make any regular photo flawless and more pleasing to the eye in almost no time.  OBJECT REMOVAL LIKE MAGIC Make your skin look beautiful and natural at the same time with the app’s useful tools for single-touch retouching. Blemish remover provides an easy way to get rid of wrinkles, pimples, and skin blemishes from any photo. The AI technology implemented in the app will let anyone do face skin retouching in just one touch. The photo remover will take care of all the work. All you have to do is tap blemishes or mark the parts you want to be fixed. There are several photo retouch tools to select unwanted objects. Brush is a perfect choice for marking a small object. Lasso is a great way of selecting large areas of a photo. Eraser is used for unmarking overmarked areas in the background. The moment an item gets selected, it vanishes in a split second. Object removal has never been easier. FLEXIBLE LINE REMOVAL Quickly retouch lines you don’t need in your photos with TouchRetouch. Remove thick lines by tracing over them and eliminate thin lines by tapping them. Use a special mode to remove them automatically or do the process manually. This line eraser tool will remove ugly power lines running across the blue sky in a few taps. AUTOMATIC MESH DETECTION AND REMOVAL Meshes is a great retouch tool capable of eliminating fencing from street or animal shots. This photo editor eraser cuts meshes out of your photographs.  The photo eraser offers a fast and easy process thanks to the removal algorithm and intelligent detection. They work together to automatically find a mesh in your pic and erase it. No need to manually select and remove each mesh line. This photo retouch tool does that for you. It’s much easier and faster to remove objects this way.  PIXEL-TO-PIXEL CLONING This is a powerful retouch tool that allows replicating picture areas. It’s an excellent way of cloning multiple objects and pasting them around an image. It's also a good way of removing artifacts or fixing distortions in the background. MISCELLANEOUS CORRECTOR Our app makes it easier to remove watermarks from the background. It's as simple as using the brush retouch tool. However, note that you can achieve the best results if removing logos or emblems from a uniform background. EDITING 360° PHOTOS This photo remover is perfect for people who love to take 360° photos. With its help, users can erase unwanted objects like tripods or people out of their shots. HELPFUL TUTORIALS The photo editor eraser is quite comfortable to use. It offers an intuitive interface with clear and smooth-to-navigate menus. Despite this, there are many pop-ups and tooltips at the user’s disposal. And if you ever get lost — you can use the app’s comprehensive user guide to find your bearing. All these tools are designed to make the photo editing process as easy and seamless as possible.  ADVANTAGES  • No subscriptions, ads, and in-app purchases • No quality and EXIF data loss • Professional photo editing • Automatic photo heal tools   ABOUT US   The TouchRetouch application is being developed by a team of real professionals who are passionate about what they do and care about the user experience. Customer-based interaction is an important part of the development process, and ADVA Soft takes it very seriously.    You are always welcome to reach out, ask questions, and provide feedback at [email protected] You as a user are a voice that can influence the way this app is developed. Join our community and contribute to the improvement of your favorite software.


Es requereix la versió d'Android: 5.0 and up

instal·lacions totals: 1.000.000+

Classificació d'edat: 4,4

preu: gratis

canvis recents: • Fixed a crashing issue that occurred when using the Line or Segment instrument in the AUTO mode in Lines.<br>• Added a possibility to change the app icon in the Appearance area of the in-app settings.