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Word Matrix - adalah Android App yang boleh didapati di kedai kami. Anda boleh memuat turun semua versi, termasuk versi terkini - 1.97. Word Matrix atau adalah aplikasi yang mempunyai lebih daripada pemasangan 10,000+. Jika Anda akan memasang Word Matrix pada peranti anda, ia perlu mempunyai ruang ada, juga peranti keperluan android anda untuk mempunyai 1.97 and up Android OS versi atau lebih tinggi. Word Matrix telah dicipta oleh pasukan pemaju Billiard Ball Game dalam genre Perkataan. Android Top adalah Menyediakan semua versi Word Matrix dan anda boleh memuat turun secara langsung ke telefon anda atau mana-mana peranti android untuk itu anda perlu menatal satu skrin anda di bawah, di mana anda dapat melihat banyak pautan ke aplikasi muat turun. Sudah tentu anda boleh menggunakan Word Matrix pada pc anda untuk itu anda perlu menggunakan emulator. Semua aplikasi dan permainan di laman web kami bertujuan hanya untuk kegunaan peribadi. Juga jangan lupa untuk berkongsi aplikasi ini dengan kawan-kawan anda, ia membantu untuk menyokong semua komuniti android dan pemaju untuk mewujudkan aplikasi yang lebih keluar :), dan sudah tentu bermain dalam aplikasi atau permainan lebih menyeronokkan dan berguna dengan rakan-rakan). Muat turun Word Matrix APK 1.97 For Free pada Android - Versi terkini Oleh Billiard Ball Game Android Developer.. Word Matrix is a UNIQUE and FREE word game that mixes all the things you love about letter-tile games and puzzle games. Drag letter tiles and make high-scoring words in your tray -- but every move you make has a totally different strategy and goal. Every level has a matrix of letter tiles, but you can only use the bottom-most set. As you successfully form words, more tiles become uncovered and available to play (the color will change from grey to orange), keeping the gameplay emergent and interesting. Every letter tile has a score on it, and longer words earn you bigger multipliers. Get the right words with the right letters to reach the total score demanded of every level. Along the way, you’ll discover amazing power-boosts that can change the shape of each level. There’s the Rocket and Bomb to blow your neighbors away, the Hammer to knock out peksy tiles, the Flipper to turn your whole matrix upside down, and the awesome Golden Wrench which lets you pick any tile as your first letter. Every power-up has the magic to help you clear even the toughest of levels. You’ll need a deep vocabulary and keen ability to make your way through the matrix if you want to maximize your score. Join Felix the Fox in his journey trying to understand oddities of the forest, working his way through surreal lands encompassing the world of the matrix. You and Felix can use your spelling skills to unlock the creative power of language and lift the veil on the very fabric of reality. I know... Deep! ● Over 200 levels, each with a different twist! ● Plenty of free Hints! ● Unlock cool boosters such as the Blank Tile to act as a wildcard. ● Or the Shuffle to shake things up! ● Easy to learn but very tough to master. ● See how you compare to your Facebook friends! ● No timers — play at your own speed. ● Use your own style: Often, a well-chosen short word is superior to a long word! If you have any suggestions, please give us feedback by email, we sincerely and seriously appreciate it. We are aiming to bring you the best word game experience, enrich your leisure time and keep your brain sharp. Word matrix is free to play, but in-app purchases are available to help you. There’s really only one question: Are YOU ready to enter the word matrix?


Diperlukan Android Version: 1.97 and up

Jumlah Pemasangan: 10,000+

Penilaian Usia: 0.0

harga: percuma

Perubahan terkini: Initial launch of the game!<br>Facebook Connect working to compete against your friends!